Call for Amateur Sci-Fi Submissions (Open)

For Dystopian Spacetime 3, I'm trying something new. Instead of a collection of only my short stories, I'd like to include stories from other amateur writers in the United States. I'll pay a flat $42 for your work if it's accepted.

Here's the best part: all profits / proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry to help end child hunger in America. Times are tough for many families, and the cost of basic groceries is rising each day. I'll work with Amazon and other publishers to ensure that payments are sent directly to No Kid Hungry, or I'll personally write a check quarterly as book sales come in.

Interested? Keep reading. 

Here's what I need:
A word document science fiction short story from
2,000 to 20,000 words that has some element of the end of the current world. It doesn't have to be a classic dystopian story, either. What I'm looking for are elements of a new era in humanity (or aliens).

Here's what I want:
Aliens. Robots. Space. Time Travel. Monsters. Super Heroes. Video Games. Protagonists from all walks of life, backgrounds, ideologies, etc.
Fun, Engaging, Thrilling, Inspirational stories.
Stories written using the Shunn Manuscript format (if you don't know what this is, learn it, and use it for submitting all of your writing).
Polished, edited final drafts. (Self-editing is an important skill for amateur writers, so develop those muscles, and try to read your story aloud to yourself to spot errors. I'm not going to nitpick, but many publications may, so get good at editing).

Here's what I don't want:
Thinly-veiled political diatribes (regardless of your party affiliation).
Graphic sex or erotic stories.
Fan-fiction of copyrighted materials.

Here's what I can offer:
If your story is selected, I will pay a one-time flat fee of
$42 American (PayPal or Check mailed). When DS3 is published, I can include a link to your website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media account you prefer so that readers can go from your story straight to your preferred location. (I'll use hyperlinks for eBooks, and QR Codes for physical print media to make this as simple and direct as possible).

Here's the "fine print":
I'm seeking
non-exclusive rights to publish your as yet unpublished story in electronic, audio, or physical form (eBook, Audiobook, and Paperback) in my Dystopian Spacetime Volume 3 release later this year. You retain your rights to your copyright, and you may publish your own stories elsewhere in whatever form you wish. You may not, however, ask that we take down your story once it's accepted and you've agreed to receive payment. No royalty shares or additional payments are offered.

Simultaneous Submissions are OK, and we try to get back to you within 30 days. With the volume of submissions received, the odds are that we will send a form letter rejection. This is the nature of the writing business, and it's definitely NOT an indication of your writing talent. We will turn down great stories simply because there's not enough room, or we just accepted a story with a similar villain, or any other subjective reason. (Develop thick skin if you're new to this. The road to success is paved with rejection slips in this industry).

Still interested?

Email your word documents as attachments to: